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Customer Reviews

Working with Utility Plastics has been such relief for me in my job. The  Utility Plastics team are always engaged and supportive of myself and the end user. Having your team involved with me in meetings and actually listening to the customer needs is what separates you from the competition. I have seen you totally modify a certain piece of a product or create a totally new product that not only meets our customers needs, but very easily becomes an industry standard. Thanks for your support and vision.  

Lance White - KGPCO - Regional Sales Manager

Working with Utility Plastics in 2023 has been a learning experience for both of us. We have ironed out the wrinkles and began a good working relationship. It has been a pleasure to grow with Utility Plastics. 

Kerry Coker - Broadband/Utility Account Manager - Border States

Over the  last couple of years, Utiltiy Plastics has become a trusted partner. We've relied on UP to help keep our fiber construction projects rolling and on time!

Aaron Boyce - Buyer - Vexus

Utility Plastics has been a great vendor partner to work with.  They have quality product in the broadband and utility space and take the time to work with their channel partners and more importantly the customer.  Utility Plastics takes the time to understand needs and bring forth solutions to help customer’s deployments become a success, while on time.  As a distributor, we work hard for our customers and Utility Plastics puts us in a strong position to serve the broadband and utility space effectively.

Eddie Shamp IV - Graybar  -Manager of  Broadband & Utility - Texas & Louisiana Markets

We have represented several underground enclosure manufactures over the years and it has been a pleasure dealing with the Utility Plastics team. The growth of their business from a startup just 2 short years ago has been amazing and can be directly attributed to their eagerness to meet the needs of the end user and quality products. Utility Plastics is very responsive to customer request and continually working on new products to serve the fiber to the home markets. 

Rob Madigan - Madigan McCune and Associates Inc.

Working with Utility Plastics has been an incredible success for our product line and our client’s material needs. They have been innovative with their ever-growing product lines to meet industry needs and standards. Lead times are quick, and their response has always been stellar. We consider them a strong partner of Telecom Specialties and they make us look good with every order. 

Casey Laubach RCDD Telecom Specialties

Utility Plastics has been a great partner for our company throughout our fiber build. From collaboration on new products to coordinating last minute delivery schedule changes, few companies have been as helpful and receptive to our needs as the Utility Plastics team. Most vendors just show up and tell us what products they have, explaining how the world would be better if I used their handhole over someone else’s.  Utility Plastics found a way to mold their product around our specific wants, our delivery schedule, and ultimately our price point. Thank you for caring about our business!

Seann Perry Director OSP & ENG- EZFIBER

2023 was an interesting year. This is when we started to really blend Utility Plastics into the Galloway Group profile. We had a good year and look forward to securing more business with Utility Plastics in the near future. We landed a couple nice projects in 2023 and that business will carry over into 2024. We’ve also began stocking product on a larger scale and are working to make Utility Plastics a mainstay at the Galloway Group. Matt Munn and Rob Madigan have really helped Galloway to help secure deals and to make business flow more seamlessly. Overall, we are happy with the product, the service provided and excited for 2024.

Scott Williams - Sales Director - Galloway Group

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